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Growler Guncam 3.1

Growler Guncam is a screen capture tool designed for video games

Growler Guncam is a screen capture tool designed for video games. Any screen recorder can record an area of your desktop or take a few snapshots of regular applications. However, video games are entirely different. They often use DirectX or OpenGL to render images and videos, and most apps can't record those. Growler Guncam was designed to do just that.

The application uses a triggering mechanism to start and stop recording, since you can't simply get out of the game to start a recording and go back in. Well, you can, but it isn't ideal. So, you can use any keyboard/mouse combination to trigger the recording. A sound plays when you start and when you stop recording. After a recording is made, it is loaded onto the application's main window, where you can launch a video editor to trim it or edit it and then export it. There is a built-in video player for quick previews.

In terms of performance, Growler GunCam does a very good job. Of course, I didn't test it with a high-end video game. But there are enough options to optimize the process so that this app doesn't slow down the game for you. On the website, there is a list with tips on how to improve the performance of the app while playing a game.

You can of course set the resolution of the videos, use a standard or widescreen format, capture the full screen or just a region, and take screenshots at regular intervals. The demo version will stamp a watermark on top of all your videos and images.

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